About Kimm


Kimm Hunt started working with animals in 1989 at DuPage County Animal Control. She noticed that most owners gave up their pets because they felt frustrated and overwhelmed by common behavior issues. She realized that the number one cause of homelessness and death in healthy adult dogs was poor training practices.
Motivated by compassion and an interest in animal behavior, Kimm went back to college to study animal sciences. After graduating, she returned to animal control to run their education department. She helped owners solve behavior problems and taught teens in treatment for substance abuse to train adoption dogs. 
While in graduate school, Kimm volunteered with a service dog provider as a trainer and marketing planner.
As a busy homeschooling and foster parent, Kimm volunteered at humane organizations with her children. She worked part-time as a freelance writer and professional dog trainer. 
Kimm has devoted her studies and career to preventing pet homelessness through owner education and good training.
Kimm earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois and attended graduate school at DePaul University, Chicago. She lives in Alpharetta with her husband, two teen daughters, two dogs, and a Cornish Rex.